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About us

We are a Franco-Canadian couple living in Aix en Provence. It all began 36 years ago in Aix en Provence when I met Jérôme Imbert, an aixois, after a dinner with friends, and tasting his family’s pear pie, that I knew this is where I wanted to live!  Since that pear pie, my life in the Imbert family is history and I realized that I had literally fallen into a can of paint!

Starting up our gallery and working with good French southern painters or painters who like Provence as much as we do, was an interesting process.  Today, keeping up with this fast moving world, our site is now a semi-full-fledged marketplace and will be evolving. We provide the SSL certificate so you can acquire your favorite paintings online securely.

|FR|  Exposition permanente en ligne des peintres Flock, Juri Platon, Michel Métaireau, Pierre Bat, Carole McDermott, Monique Charpentier, Frank Janca, Jean Paul Salaun

galerieimbertOnline a maintenant 14 ans et notre place sur la scène de l’art en Provence gagne en importance et reconnaissance. Vous avez une sélection des meilleurs artistes professionnels du sud de la France.
Notre base est au coeur du vieil Aix-en-Provence. Si vous aimeriez voir les oeuvres des artistes, contactez nous.

|EN|  Galerie Imbert, an established on line gallery has a wide and long experience on the provencal art scene.  We have gained a solid reputation and worldwide recognition.  We enjoy giving you the choice of the best artists in Provence and look forward to your visits on our regularly updated website.

  Our base is in Aix en Provence, one of the most lovely french southern cities.  This city offers opera festivals in the summer and at Easter for connaissors of music.  If you would like to see any of our artists works during your visits to Aix, email us and we will arrange a showing.

|CH|   Gallery Imbert,坐落於艾克斯普羅旺斯古城中心,現在已經有11年的歷史(創建於2000年),在普羅旺斯的藝術舞台獲得了不斷的重視和認知。我們非常樂意 為您提供了解普羅旺斯最出色畫家的機會, 並期待著您的到訪。

我們的位置在艾克斯普羅旺斯市中心,離大教堂(Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur)不遠,來到畫廊前,您可以盡情穿越整個古城,參觀這個迷人的法國南部小鎮,遊覽這座小鎮的普羅旺斯風情,散步於市中心的 Mirabeau林蔭大道,或在咖啡館裡品嚐一杯咖啡,在炎熱的夏日暢飲一杯Rosé紅酒,或乾脆漫無目的地徘徊在小鎮的街巷之中。


Gallery Imbert,坐落于艾克斯普罗旺斯古城中心,现在已经有11年的历史(创建于2000年),在普罗旺斯的艺术舞台获得了不断的重视和认知。我们非常乐意为您提供了解普罗旺斯最出色画家的机会, 并期待着您的到访。

我们的位置在艾克斯普罗旺斯市中心,离大教堂(Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur)不远,来到画廊前,您可以尽情穿越整个古城,参观这个迷人的法国南部小镇,游览这座小镇的普罗旺斯风情,散步于市中心的 Mirabeau林荫大道,或在咖啡馆里品尝一杯咖啡,在炎热的夏日畅饮一杯Rosé红酒,或干脆漫无目的地徘徊在小镇的街巷之中。