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galerieimbertOnline, an established on line gallery has a wide and long experience on the provencal art scene. We have gained a solid reputation and recognition. We enjoy giving you the choice of the best artists in Provence and look forward to your visits on our regularily updated website.  If you would like to see any of our artists works during your visits to Aix, email us and we will arrange a showing.

Our base is in Aix en Provence, one of the most exciting, culturally fine tuned french southern cities.  Aix offers opera festivals in the summer and at Easter for melomanes.  

The Provencal School of Painting.
The south of France has a long painterly tradition and can boast of a lengthy list of famous artists. Much of the modern movement in painting, in fact, has its roots in an alchemy of ideas of painters both from this region and elsewhere in the world.  Landscape painting and techniques emerged from painters in Provence and has been the highlight of modernist painting movement.  The attraction of this region has created a lovely blend of ideas, concepts and visions.  A provencal school, if we can call it that, is more an exchange of artists, a sort of friendship that is forged, a mutual understanding of what this region best offers combined with 'la dolce vita'.

Choosing the artists
What seems to have become a melting pot of color and character, one could say that our artists choose us and not the contrary. The selection of artists in our gallery has been defined by a certain criteria which mainly amounts to a sharing of a vision. We also meet in a team with a retired knowledgeable Aixois gallery owner and weathered art collector to discuss the new artists who would like to exhibit on our websiteand in our gallery.
Our artists are professional and paint with a passion and have been painting and exhibiting for many years. The Gallery Imbert, however, is more than aware of budding talent and we have a new section in our gallery that presents new, young artists.

Our Vision
- Bring to public attention the talents of painters in Provence
- Offer a large gamme of talent of painters who paint on a regular basis and in a professional manner
- Guarantee quality as well as artistic creation of all our painters to our clientèle
- Offer a homogenous group of painters who share a common vision

Visit our site often for the most recent paintings and on line events!

galerie Imbert