Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale (CGV)

It is established beforehand that these conditions regulate the sales of paintings, photographs, sculptures on the website www.galerieimbert.com  exclusively. They determine the rights and obligations of the company SARL A ETC  (We or “our society”), on one side and the buyer (You or “the purchaser”) on the other side. They are available on this website to the buyer at the time of the order.

These conditions apply, excluding all other condition, such as those in effect in the points of sale.

Article 1 – Order and Commitment

The orders can be placed on our website: www.galerieimbert.com, or by telephone at the +33 (0)9 72 58 37 30 (fixed-line telephone in Metropolitan France), Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6:30 pm.

The terms and conditions that appear in this contract are considered as accepted by both parties at the moment of the validation of your order (button “validate your order” in the case of an order placed on our website, or return of your order form for an order placed by telephone).

The data recorded by the payment system (Stripe) constitute the proof of the financial transactions that happen between the two parties.

Galerie Imbert  SARL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without giving notice.

The buyer acknowledges that the reproductions of the artworks that are displayed on the website only have an indicative value, because as a result of the photographic treatment, alterations may appear.

Artupdeco.com reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a client with whom might exist a dispute in relation of the payment of a previous order.

We will confirm the reception of your order by sending an email after having verified the availability of the artwork and the validation of the payment.


Article 2 – Price

2.1 – All product prices are quoted in Euros, all taxes included, except the costs of shipping. As artworks subject to the tax on fixed margin, no tax is recoverable.

2.2 – The shipping costs are established base on country of arrival and weight and dimensions of the artworks.

2.3 – In case of an order from a country other than metropolitan France, you are considered the importer of the artworks in question. For all the artworks shipped outside the European Union and Overseas France, customs duty and other local tariffs may apply. These taxes do not depend on www.galerieimbert.com. They will be your duty and responsibility in terms of declaration and payment to the qualified authorities and institutions of your country. We advise you to inquire about these aspects to your local authorities.

2.4 – All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Euros. 

2.5 – Artupdeco.com reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment. The products will be billed on the basis of the current rates at the time of the recording of the orders, subject to availability.

2.6 – The products remain the property ofwww.galerieimbert.com until the complete payment of the indicated price.


Article 3 – Payment and securing

The payment of your purchases is carried out in Euros only :

–       Either by credit card: “Carte Bleue”, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Secured payment with “Stripe” or PayPal or by wire transfer.

Our website is subject to the securing system “Stripe” payment, Paypal or European Sepa bank transfer. 

The transactions are entirely safe with online payment system of our partner Stripe, a payment solution certified PCI/DSS Level 1 (the highest level of security for online payments). The card details that you enter on our site are encrypted and will never circulate in plain text on the Internet. Furthermore, they are only dealt with by Stripe and are never in our possession. When you enter your card details to process your payments on our website, in reality, you transmit them encrypted to Stripe.

Article 4 – Shipping

Shipping will be carried out during working hours, to the shipping address that you will have specified on the form, within 15 days after the confirmation of your order.

We ship with Colissimo, your shipment can be tracked and insured depending on destination and price of the artwork.

The transfer of the risk concerning the artworks bought by you happens when they are handed over to the carrier by www.galerieimbert.com. The art work under 1000 euros is insured. Over 1000 euros, you are responsible for insurance.  We reserve the right to choose the carrier, who will deliver the goods to the address you will have specified on the form, regardless of a possible change in the shipping address. You will bear the risks starting from the date when the goods will leave our offices. We will be available, once the order is validated, to inform you precisely on the status of your order.


Article 5 – Reservation when receiving the artworks

It is up to you, in case of breach or damage,

–      It is up to you, in case of negligence or damage, to emit precise and detailed notes to the carrier, by creating the mention “SR” (Under Reserve) on the shipping note, to benefit the contracted insurance,

–       To communicate these reserves to us within 24h (working days exclusively) by telephone or by email to Galerie Imbert.


Article 6 – Customer warranties

In the event of the shipped artworks showing one or multiple hidden defects, you will have to return them to us for refund, in their original packaging, and within seven clear days starting from the shipping. Galerie Imbert engages in repairing the artwork or reimburse you within 15 days. The choice of the modality is reserved to Galerie Imbert.


Article 7 – “Satisfied or your money back”

7.1 – You have a delay of 30 clear days starting from the reception or your order to return the artwork, should you be dissatisfied with it. Only the price of the purchased artworks will be refunded, the return shipping is at your own cost.

The returns should be shipped to Galerie Imbert – Service Clients – 7, rue Jacques de la Roque – 13100 Aix en Provence, France in their original packaging, in good condition, along with a copy of the invoice.

7.2 – The refunds will be carried out within 15 days following the reception of the artworks by us. Galerie Imbert will choose to perform the refund either by credit transfer on your account or by check addressed to the client who placed the order and to the shipping address.

7.3 – No cash on delivery will be accepted, irrespective of the reason.

 Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns domestic and international shipping is free for paintings under 1 m x 1 metre and paintings may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of ordering after contacting us and explaining your reasons within 5 days upon receiving the paintings. Please contact us by email, telephone or by the contact form on our site. The paintings shipped by our gallery are insured and you can track them. Send the paintings back to our gallery, 7 rue Jacques de la Roque, 13100 Aix en Provence in their original packing.

Return shipping is at your expense.

Please open the paintings immediately upon arrival to verify that there is no damage (maximum 2 jours). Contact us immediately by email, telephone or fill in the form on our site. Please keep the painting’s packaging, with the bill. We will take care of insurance with you.

We take our shipping very seriously and make sure their arrival to you is done within a reasonable time and securely.

Expéditions et retours

Nous vous offrons les expéditions en France métropolitain et internationale pour les tableaux sous 1m x 1 metre. Les tableaux expédiés par nos soins sont assurés et vous pouvez les suivre.

Vous disposez d’un délai légal de 5 jours à compter de la réception des oeuvres pour nous signaler votre intention de nous retourner le produit et la raison de ce retour. Vos tableaux peuvent être retourner ou échanger dans un délai de 30 jours de la date de commande. Renvoyez les tableaux à la Galerie Imbert, 7 rue Jacques de la Raque, 13100 Aix en Provence.

Votre demande de retour peut s’effectuer par courrier électronique ou téléphone ou en remplissant le formulaire sur notre site.

Dès la réception d’e-mail de confirmation, vous pouvez retourner les produits souhaités, dans leur emballage d’origine, accompagné de la facture, à l’adresse Galerie Imbert, 7 rue Jacques de la Roque, 13100 Aix en Provence.

Ouvrez les expéditions dès réception pour verifier leur état (2 jours de notifications pour les assurances) Contactez nous immédiatement par email, telephone ou par le formulaire sur note site.

Les frais de retour sont à votre charge.

Nous sommes très concernés par le transport de vos oeuvres et prend tous les soins nécessaires pour assurer leur bonne réception.

Article 8 – Customer support

For any information or question, you can contact by telephone or by email :

Tel : +33 (0)9 72 58 37 30

E-mail : info[at]galerieimbertpointcom

Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm.


Article 9 – Right on the artwork

The transfer of property of the artwork will be performed at the complete payment of the price, interests and subsequent costs. You engage in not selling the artworks, pledge or yield as a guarantee the property of the artworks until the amount due to Galerie Imbert  SARL have been paid in full.

The artist, for having taken the initiative of its creation, remains the right holder of the copyright of its artwork, according to French law. The rights of representation and reproduction of the artworks display on the website www.galerieimbert.com belong to their authors. Their authorization as well as Galerie Imbert is required for all exploitation of these rights. Your rights on the purchased artworks are thus limited to a private right of use, excluding all right of representation and reproduction.


Article 10 – Administrative information

The information that you communicate to us, in the sign up form and your order form, or by any other means, could be subject to computer processing in order to enable the processing of your record, the securing of the payment, the shipping of the ordered artwork and the implementation of commercial actions. This information will be able, as a result and exclusively for the aforesaid ends, to be communicated, in France and abroad, to public organisms or private societies. We do not stock your personal information on our servers.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, we inform you that you have the right to access, rectify or ask this information to be rectified, and request your removal from our database. To exert this right, you can send us an email to the following address: infoatgalerieimbertpointcom.


Article 11 – Force majeure

In application of article 1148 of the French Civil Code, www.galerieimbert.com cannot be held responsible or considered as having committed misfeasance in the processing of your file, if any delay or any failure to perform results of a force majeure event (fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, accident, war, riot, epidemic, strike, impossibility of transport, judicial or governmental proceedings…).


Article 12 – Warranties

Galerie Imbert  commits itself to respect all the legal assurances over which you could prevail. The artworks displayed on our website being compliant to the prescriptions of French law, we will not be held responsible for the violation of legislation proper to the country of delivery. As a result, we invite you to refer to the law in effect in the country of delivery.


Article 13 – Applicable duties/Litigation

Should a dispute arise from this contractual relationship, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution before undertaking any legal action.

This contract is governed by French law. Any litigation that should arise from the formation and the interpretation of the execution of the contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts Aix en Provence.




–       Terms of use

Publisher : Galerie Imbert A ETC – SARL with a share capital of 7622,45 Euros – registered on the 01/01/1991 – RCS Aix en Provence 98B 300 – SIRET 381144401 whose head office is situated at the 7, rue Jacques de la Roque – 13100 Aix en Provence- FRANCE.

Publishing director :Kathleen IMBERT

Content manager : Kathleen IMBERT

Webmaster : Trois-echos

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The company Galerie Imbert strives to ensure to the best of their ability, that the information on their site is accurate and up to date. It reserves the right to modify or correct the site content at any moment, without notice, in addition to the present terms. Galerie Imbert  cannot, however, guarantee the exactness, precision or exhaustiveness of the data included on the Site.

As a consequence, the company Galerie Imbert  shall not be held responsible for any interruption of the website, technical problems, any inaccuracy or omission concerning information available on the website, and also for any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of said data.

This site may contain links to other sites. The company Galerie Imbert  cannot be held responsible for the problems of access or for the contents of these sites.

–       Right of intellectual property

All the contents of the website and the site itself are protected by author’s rights, trademark law, laws governing graphic or any other right of intellectual property. By content we mean, non-exhaustively: photographs, images, drawings, illustrations, texts, videos, logos, brands, models, software… These contents belong the company Galerie Imbert  or are utilized with the permission of their owners.

Therefore, all reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, commercialization, partial or integral by whatever procedure or on whatever medium that may be (paper, digital…) are forbidden, without the advanced written authorization of Galerie Imbert , besides the exceptions endorsed in the article L 122.5 of the Code of Intellectual Property, under the pain of constituting a breach in the copyrights of the author and/or of designs and models and/or of trademark, punished by two years of imprisonment and a 152 449,02€ fine.

For any questions, requests or further information, please write to:   infoatgalerieimbertpointcom